Attorney Konstantinos K. Markakos is committed to providing the highest quality representation for his clients. 

Konstantinos K. Markakos is an experienced, hard working and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney who is a former prosecuting attorney. He is ready to offer his services, when you face the most unfortunate experience of being involved in the criminal justice system. Attorney Konstantinos K. Markakos wants to offer his assistance and support as a criminal defense attorney who was a former Prosecutor in the large and complicated Cook County Court System. He knows that you and your family must be confused, stressed and frustrated with the criminal justice system with all its twist and turns. Let his experience count for you. Let him guide you through the system. Let him answer your many questions. Let him help you make your next decision. Anyone charged with a crime, whether misdemeanor or felony, should get the advice of a good criminal defense attorney before going to court. Attorney, Konstantinos K. Markakos is a skilled, aggressive and successful lawyer in the practice of criminal law. Attorney Konstantinos K. Markakos and his legal team are prepared to handle the most serious offenses to a successful resolution. 

Konstantinos K. Markakos defends those that have been accused, or are under investigation for involvement in today's numerous and complex crimes. Konstantinos K. Markakos has numerous years of experience defending clients who have been charged with nearly every criminal offense, including crimes related to: drugs, murder, theft, fraud, robbery, armed robbery, sexual assault, armed violence, gun cases and may others.  

Early intervention is vital. At a time like this, you need an attorney experienced in criminal law that can help you with your case. Attorney Konstantinos K. Markakos has extensive criminal litigation experience, formerly as a prosecutor and now as a criminal defense attorney. This uniquely qualifies him and his staff to determine whether proper police procedures were followed or if your Constitutional Rights were violated. Obviously, a conviction can have a severe impact on your life, including possible imprisonment, fines, loss of employment, and a variety of other consequences. As a Former Felony Prosecuting Attorney, Attorney Konstantinos K. Markakos knows the system from the inside and can use his experience to help your case. Attorney Konstantinos K. Markakos understands from his prior experience the importance of: immediate investigative work and the need to preserve evidence and documentation. These critical aspects of the case must be handled quickly and with extreme care and attention to detail, to allow a greater opportunity for a positive outcome with your case. Please do not delay hiring Attorney Konstantinos K. Markakos, an experienced criminal defense attorney. Do not expose yourself to the possibility of a jail sentence without learning what the Law Offices of Konstantinos K. Markakos, a skilled criminal defense law firm, can do to protect your rights and freedom. 


Call for a consultation. He will ask you a few questions and then maybe set up an appointment to speak to you in person. He maintains the highest quality representation for his clients.